About Standard Seals

Cleverseal Bristle Brush Standard Seals

Have you got draughts entering the gaps in your garage door, bringing in hot winds in summer and cold air in winter? Is your garage being invaded insects, pests or rodents? Do you spend your weekends sweeping out dust and debris from your garage? 

Keep your car, tools and gear in your garage dust free and reduce airflow by up to 96% by installing Cleverseal Bristle Brush seals.

Our bristle brush seals come in a range of different sizes to seal up almost any gap in your door.



The Nylon brush filaments have flexibility with a bending recovery memory to spring back to place each time the door is closed, ensuring there are no gaps in your door. UV and wear resistant. Also available as Cinderseal Flame Retardant.

Rubber seals only bridge gaps in garage doors and leave gaps in between.

Cleverseal Bristle Brush Seals effectively fill the gaps for Sectional, Roller, Tilt, Industrial and Shed doors. Providing you with a quick and cost effective solution to all those annoying problems.




Member Australian Garage Door Association.
Australian made and owned.