Australia Owned

Australia Owned

Posted by Jane Worthington on 6th Jul 2020

From our modest beginnings in 2007, Bruce and Carmen have grown their idea to provide a cost-effective solution to seal gaps in garage doors, from a small Australian business into a thriving company.

Being an Australian family owned and run company we have always been dedicated to providing a great product that services the needs of the Australian conditions, providing not only a solution to the annoyances exposed to the garage but also a genuine safety aspect to homes in our bushfire prone areas.

When the opportunity came along to align ourselves with an initiative supporting Australian owned businesses, we jumped at the chance!

Australian Owned established to support Australian owned businesses keeping profits in Australia. They have a strict verification process that 100% guarantees to trace Australian ownership directly to the roots.

In these unprecedented times Australians supporting Australia will be the key factor in keeping the economy moving. Knowing that you are buying from a reputable Australian company not only assists in our economic growth, it also gives you peace of mind that you are purchasing high quality products you can count on.

Dedicated to providing a quality product to your home or business by protecting your garage, when purchasing Cleverseal products over the phone or online, to receiving your goods, we’re here for you every step of the way.

While the business and our product range has grown, we maintain our core values. For us it’s always been about saving you time cleaning, air flow reduction and stopping the issue of those unwelcome pests.

When you buy Cleverseal, you are supporting Australian Owned. We’re proud of our Australian Owned badge - #04156!

Keep the country moving – shop local – support Australia!

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