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Cole Studios and a wormy problem

Jane Worthington

Tue, Oct 20, 20

We’re all about supporting local Aussie business here at Cleverseal and we couldn’t be more delighted to share a story about how our product has assisted with Jason at Cole Studios recently.

Established in 1999 and located in the Illawarra, Jason Cole and his team offer professional, affordable, quality photography and so much more.

Passionate about their art, Cole Studios covers a full range of photography options from weddings, families, drone services, pet photography, corporate and product shoots, even offering photography training courses!

Experience and attention to detail is their company mission and Jason and his professional and friendly team always aim to exceed their client’s expectations!

Cole Studios has a comprehensive list of services available on their website

The latest addition, and already proving very popular even in these challenging times, is their magnificent new studio!

Jason says that there is something beautiful about studio photography that you just can’t achieve outdoors, and they offer several package options for you to capture beautiful lifetime memories

Converting your garage into a usable space has been a topic Cleverseal has often promoted. It’s the perfect option to give your home more space with an extra room, or to do exactly as Jason has done and create a working area to expand your business!

In May this year Jason contacted us when he was converting his garage into a studio – he had installed air-conditioning, foam on the garage door and insulation to provide his clients with year round comfort, and needed to seal the doors to complete the transformation.

Jason purchased and DIY installed our  Top and Side Seals

In July he let us know that his studio was all finished and looking great, the seals were installed and he was extremely happy with them.

Jason said: “They work really really well. They keep the air conditioning nice and cool or nice and warm and they stop the rodents on the outside”, but he had a question for us…

“Do you have anything that can seal the bottom of the garage door that can stop all the worms from coming in when it rains”?

Well that’s an interesting one? Worms?! Anything to do with the bottom seal of the door your best bet is to try our Cleverseal Cobra Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal this does a better job sealing out leaves, pests and weather.

Jason duly ordered online and installed his Cobra door seal just in time for a dump of rain over three days, which typically would bring an infestation of worms into his garage – now his sparkly new photography studio.

We kept in touch with Jason to see how it was all going and to check if the Cobra product had succeeded in keeping any of the critters from ‘worming’ their way in.

Jason kindly kept us posted, very happy with the product;

07 August 2020

BAM! All done, was easy as to install and I can see how it will stop the worms in their slimey little tracks! 

My guess is they will be heaps of worms on the outside and no worms on the inside, let's see if your product stands up to scrutiny.

It was very easy to install and it fits perfectly when the garage door closes completely (it) presses down quite firmly pulling that piece of rubber out which would definitely stop the worms! 

It's down much firmer than the original piece of rubber which was kind of loose at the bottom.

So far so good, it’s pouring rain outside very heavy, there are about a dozen worms outside the garage but there are absolutely no worms in the garage, the garage is the studio, I am pretty confident to say that your product works, let’s wait and see till the end of the weekend but so far so good, I think our worm problem may be solved!

Operation "Wormstop" is underway!

10 August 2020

The Cobra went great, I can tell you for a fact that not one worm got in underneath the Cobra, smart little buggers got in around one side of the Cobra. I extended the garage door (side) seals down that side and now we haven't had any more worms since. On the outside there was heaps of worms.

I can say for a fact that not one worm got under the Cobra, it's a big success...! Thank you so much. 



We are a family owned Australian business and nothing brings us greater pleasure than knowing our product is doing its job and helping our customers solve the problem with gaps in their garage doors with an easy to install, cost-effective solution. See how we can help you at

Jason at Cole Studios was happy to share with us the amazing transformation from garage to photographic studio – we wish him and his team all the very best and encourage you to support local #supportlocal #colestudios

Jason’s Sectional Door – providing Cleverseal with measurements for product.


Sanding the floor

The first of four coats of white epoxy for the studio floor.

The Worms!

Installing the Cobra Bottom Weather Seal – Cleverseal Top and Side Seals already installed.

Cleverseal Cobra Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal - installed

Cleverseal Cobra Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal - installed


The white epoxy is great for light and reflections

The Cleverseal finishes it off. Once Jason installed Cleverseal seals he said he was able to maintain heat in the room, before that it was hard to keep it warm in the studio.

Have a look at this video, it shows you how bad the worms are

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