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The Home Gym

Jane Worthington

Sat, May 09, 20

Being unable to go to the gym doesn’t mean that you can’t partake in your workouts or activities. Here at Cleverseal we can give you some top tips for turning your garage space into a workout space to get you through.

Paula in our sales team is our resident gym junkie and I’d say we’d be hard pressed to find a day where she had missed one of her 5am start workouts at her local gym! I’m serious! This lady is DEDICATED!

She’s given us a few links below to the sites that she is using for her daily workouts while we isolate and here are a few practical tips for transforming your garage space into a fabulous workout space. Who knows, by the time normal services resume you may say goodbye to your costly gym membership and continue the workouts at home!

Clear the decks!

The exercise begins instantly with a good clean up of your garage space. Roll up your sleeves, get the music pumping and clear away all the clutter, boxes, bikes, trikes, scooters and tools to clear enough space for your workout needs. Give it a good sweep and vacuum to clear away any dust, leaves or insects – Cleverseal has a great product for making sure that your garage stays clear of these irritants so you’ll be cleaning less and working out more

Make sure you have enough room for any running, jumping or floor work that you will be doing.

If you have it, put down some matting or soft floor padding to help take a bit of the pressure off so you don’t end up with shin splints when running or jumping or grazes to your elbows or knees.

Check that head height as well so those big star jumps don’t end up with a bump on your noggin!

Used to using weights at the gym but don’t have any at home?

Fear not! You can make a range of your own homemade tools that might not be glamorous but will definitely work!

Grab your screen and start your routine!

Utilise our modern times, set up your screen and join the online training revolution. There are a lot of free programs out there, including the very well recognised brand Les Mills who during COVID-19 disruptions are very kindly allowing free access to 100+ workouts, including some fun movement programs for kids check it out at

So get googling and find a guided instruction on the workout of your choice that will have you burning off the kilos of all that home-baking and more importantly doing great things for your health and wellbeing.

The garage is the perfect space to set up and keep your exercise routine on track. We are here to help make your garage drier and cosier, our office is open and our deliveries are contactless, so check out our range and feel free to call us with any queries you might have.

We’re all in this together & together we’ll get through! From all the Cleverseal team, stay safe.