Fed up with all those annoying cold draughts, water, wind-blown dust, smoke, leaves or insects or rodents invading your garage around the garage door? The dust covering your clean car also finds its way into your house.

Now there is an economic, easily fitted solution to all those gaps previously considered too difficult to close.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, Cleverseal garage door sealing systems are already successfully installed on thousands of homes and factories throughout Australia, as well as overseas.

Energy cost savings by reducing air movement around the garage of up to 96%, Cleverseal systems also seal out all manner of irritating pests.

In bushfire zoned districts Cinderseal flame retardant seals are the perfect choice. Cinderseal provides you with a full flame retardant seal for protection of your garage doors, protecting your garage against bush fire ember attack.

Cleverseal systems comprise of a comprehensive range of well-designed effective aluminium sections, combined with various lengths of bristle brush. Available in single lengths or kit sets to suit your garage door type and size. DIY friendly or can be installed by your reputable garage door service business.

Available in the following products to give your garage complete seal solutions;

Member Australian Garage Door Association.
Member Housing Industry Association.
Australian made and owned.