Storage Units - Shed Seals

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Storage Units - Shed Seals
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Protect your valuable inventory and assets with Cleverseal’s range of sealing systems that are specifically designed to fit any warehouse, industrial, factory, shed or commercial door. Save on energy bills and control dust and airflow with our affordable solution to seal out unwanted debris and air currents through gaps around large commercial service doors, roller doors and sectional overhead doors.
Our Cleverseal garage door seal solutions reduce air movement around the internal areas of a building by up to 96%, while also reducing light and the spread of odours that can attract vermin and other pests. 
Cleverseal garage and other door sealing systems comprise a comprehensive range of elegantly and intelligently-designed aluminium sections, that integrate with suitable lengths of bristle brush to seal and protect from a range of issues, from cold draughts, driving rain and water to dust, smoke, leaves, insects and rodents.
For an affordable and effective method to instantly seal out debris, dust, smoke, water, rats, mice, birds and insects, the Cleverseal sealing system range includes:

  • Hard wearing, industrial bristle brush top and side seals
  • Cobra weather seals for the bottom of the garage door
  • Door Dam threshold seals that are floor-mounted and can withstand a 2-tonne forklift

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