Cleverseal stands by the quality of our manufacturing standards as such, should any defect or manufacture fault (failure of hardware, components or workmanship) presents itself please kindly contact our Customer Services team and we will endeavour to assist you accordingly.


Download the full Cleverseal warranty terms and conditions as PDF

Terms and conditions of Cleverseal Warranty:

  • 60 (Sixty ) month full product replacement on proven manufacturing fault.
  • Cleverseal will replace product only if proof of original date of sale Invoice is within the 60 ( Sixty ) month period.
  • Replacement product will be in quantity and type as that stated on original Invoice, if that product is, at that date, available, If the original product is not available, the replacement product will be of the equivalent at the date of claim.
  • Replacement product will be despatched on receipt of faulty product being returned to Cleverseal's NSW factory and warranty claim approval.
  • All costs of returning faulty product and replacement product to Cleverseal, including packaging, freight and insurance will not be paid for by Cleverseal and is wholly and totally the responsibility of the claimant.
  • No claims for costs will be considered pertaining to any aspect of dismantling and reinstallation of Cleverseal replacement product.
  • Cleverseal's warranty is offered in good faith for product that has been installed correctly, and competently as per Cleverseal's published installation instructions and that the product has been installed in accordance with the recommended parameters pertaining to the product`s specific designed use.
  • Cleverseal product used in installations not complying to the specified use, and or, product that has been affected by damage, accidental or otherwise, product that has been affected by chemicals, cleaning agents, paint, petrochemicals, cement, coating substrates, incorrect cutting or alteration of the supplied components in any form, will not be considered as product covered by Cleverseal's warranty.

In addition, Cleverseal flame retardant ( Cinderseal ) product subjected to exposure of intense heat due to conflagration is not subject to Cleverseal's replacement policy.

  • Cleverseal will not accept any claims for incurred costs by any claimant.
  • Cleverseal reserves the right to alter, change, and withdraw any of the Cleverseal including Cinderseal, product range, specifications and policy without prior notice.
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