About Flame Retardant Seals

Cleverseal Fire Ember Seals

Did you know that Cleverseal Cinderseal Fire Ember seals, are the market leader and has been specifically developed for protection against ember attack for most Australian garage doors types? Cleverseal Cinderseal is PA6 Nylon flame retardant material which self-extinguishes when ember contact is made. It achieves a flammability index of less than 5. It is deemed to comply with AS3959:2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.


It also contains UV stabilisers. UV stabilisers? What are they?

Well here’s your science lesson for the day!

UV stabilisers in polymer, a component of our flame retardant brush, are used directly on the brush to prevent the various effects of photo-oxidation (the degradation of polymer caused by light).

Untreated Polymers get weathered due to the impact of heat and ultraviolet light. The UV stabilisers dissipate the absorbed light energy from UV rays. This reduces the absorption of UV rays by the polymer which reduces the rate of weathering.

Crikey! Can you run that past me again?! OK, here goes…

Basically, our Cleverseal Cinderseal flame retardant bristle brush seals, contain UV stabilisers, which prevent the brush from weathering, by deflecting heat and light. Our bristle brush filament self-extinguishes when ember contact is made. Cleverseal Cinderseal can reduce airflow into your garage by 96% if all 4 sides are sealed correctly.

Meaning, that your purchase will stand the test of time from the elements and provide a first line in protection for you or your customers garage door.

It's like Batman's budgie smugglers never fading while sunbathing at Bondi Beach in the heat of summer.


Member Australian Garage Door Association.
Member Housing Industry Association.
Australian made and owned.