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About Flame Retardant Seals

Cleverseal Flame Retardant Seals

Did you know that Cleverseal Cinderseal™ Flame Retardant seals, are the market leader and have been specifically developed for protection against ember attack for Australian garage door types. Cleverseal Cinderseal is a PA6 Nylon flame retardant material which self-extinguishes when ember contact is made. It achieves a flammability index of less than 5. It is deemed to comply with AS3959:2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.

What is BAL?

BAL is a term used to quantify the bush fire risk of a development. BAL stands for 'Bushfire Attack Level' and it is affected by your location, surrounding vegetation and the space between your development and the vegetation.

To learn more about the BAL rating please visit the NSW Your Level of Risk page

Cinderseal - Flame Retardant Sealing System

Cleverseal Cinderseal flame retardant bristle brush seals, contain UV stabilisers which prevent the brush from weathering, by deflecting heat and light. Our bristle brush filament self-extinguishes when ember contact is made. 

Cleverseal Sealing Systems can be used on a range of door types both new and retrofit.