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Ember defence for your home with Cinderseal

Cleverseal has developed Cinderseal™ flame retardant garage door seals specifically to protect against ember attacks.

While a hot Aussie summer may seem like a lifetime ago after the past year of unsettled La Niña weather, Australia’s increasing extremes in climate will turn once again to high temperatures and the risk of bushfires during the summer months.

Whether you are renovating, embarking on a new build or needing to comply with your local council’s BAL Fire Safety requirements, make sure you don’t forget to include garage door sealing in your list of to-do’s.

BAL stands for Bushfire Attack Level and is used to determine the potential level of bushfire attack on a property. BAL ranges from Low, through to Fire Zone or FZ, at the extreme.

It is affected by your location, surrounding vegetation and the space between your home and the vegetation.

Prioritising defence of your property using materials specifically developed to withstand embers or radiant heat exposure that could damage or destroy your home is a key step in preparing for the hottest season of each year.

As we are now experiencing severe weather events, striking a balance where your home can breathe and dry out from wet weather, while also being sealed appropriately to combat heat, is your best and most sustainable long-term defence in the Australian climate.

Correctly sealing the largest opening on your home (typically), is very important. Gaps around the garage door can be a major entry point of bushfire embers into the home when under attack.

Cleverseal has developed Cinderseal™ flame retardant garage door seals specifically to protect against ember attacks. PA6 nylon bristle brush material self-extinguishes any embers that touch it, helping to delay the onset of fire.

The flame retardant garage door brush seal material is UV stabilised to make sure it’s protected from the harsh Australian weather conditions. Unlike rubber seals, the weatherproof brush won’t deteriorate or degrade from exposure to sunlight. You want reliability and long-lasting performance, and that’s what you get with this garage door flame retardant bristle brush seal, as it deflects heat and light.

Cinderseal™ flame retardant door seal strip doesn’t just protect against ember attacks, it helps keep your garage clean by protecting against the elements. This seal will help weatherproof your garage by keeping out driving rain, excess water, dust, drafts, bushfire embers, smoke, rodents, birds and insects. Spend less time cleaning and less worrying about ember attacks with Cleverseal.

For more information on getting bushfire ready this summer there are many free resources available by searching Bushfire Readwhich will bring up various links for different states.

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