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Benefits of Garage Door Seals

Practical and functional, the largest opening in our homes can also be the biggest source of an entry point for dust, draughts, pests, bushfire embers and coastal corrosion.  There are many benefits for sealing your garage door.

Who said your garage door can’t look as good as the rest of your home?  Practical and functional, the largest opening in our homes can also be the biggest source of an entry point for dust, draughts, pests, bushfire embers and coastal corrosion. 

If you have unsightly gaps around your garage door, a quick cost-effective solution is to seal the gaps with a Cleverseal Garage Door Sealing System.  Not only will this complete the look of your door, installing a complete sealing system will also prevent all those annoying intrusions from entering through gaps around the door. 

The many benefits sealing your garage door can have on your home and back pocket include -

Energy Efficiency: Cleverseal Garage Door Seals help to improve energy efficiency by reducing draughts and air movement around the garage up to 96%. They create a barrier to seal out cold or hot air, reducing the transfer of outdoor temperatures into the garage and adjacent living spaces. This results in energy savings and increased comfort inside the home.

Weather Protection: Garage door seals provide a barrier against the elements, including rain, draughts, dust, and debris. They help to keep the garage interior clean and dry, preventing water or moisture from seeping in and potentially causing damage to stored items or the garage structure.

Pest Prevention: A properly sealed garage door can help deter pests, creepy crawlies and reptiles from entering the garage. Seals close off gaps and cracks that pests could use as entry points, helping to keep rodents, insects, and other unwanted creatures out of the garage and living spaces.

Noise Reduction: Garage door seals can help to reduce noise transmission between the garage and the rest of the house. They provide an additional layer of insulation that can minimise the sound of opening and closing the garage door, as well as block outside noises from entering the garage.

Improved Security: A well-sealed garage door can enhance security by reducing the risk of unauthorised access. Seals help to close gaps and reinforce the perimeter, making it more difficult for intruders to pry open or force entry through the garage door. 

Increased Durability: Garage door seals help to protect the door and its components from wear and tear caused by friction and exposure to the elements. They can extend the lifespan of the garage door, reducing the need for repairs or premature replacement.

Overall, garage door seals offer numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, weather protection, pest prevention, noise reduction, improved security, and increased durability. They are a relatively inexpensive and simple addition that can make a significant difference in the functionality and comfort of the garage and the home.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, Cleverseal Garage Door Sealing Systems are already successfully installed on thousands of homes and factories throughout Australia.

Backed with a 5-year warranty for your piece of mind, when you buy Cleverseal, you are purchasing high quality products you can count on.

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