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Eeeek!!! Mice everywhere!!

Have you seen the news reports about the mice plagues sweeping our rural areas? The wet summer has provided an enormous supply of food for rodents, and now they’re infesting homes, ruining appliances. Running amok over properties, destroying crops, eating valuable stored feed and grain in sheds.

Click here to read a news article from the ABC.

We’ve been receiving queries from customers from all over, asking if our product will help to keep mice out of garages and sheds, and we want to get the word out there that Cleverseal can help!

Our seals are comprised of an aluminium carrier with a bristle brush filament insert. It’s the bristle brush filament that deters these critters from entering though gaps in your door, as they do not like the sensation of the brush against their face and body.

There are other steps you can take to help protect your valuables and belongings from destruction and infestation, like

Sealing any cracks, leaks or crevices

Any strong sealant such as epoxy or silicone can be used as an effective way to seal up these cracks assuring that no gap is left. Mice can squeeze through a hole half a centimetre wide and are able to chew any smaller hole away in order to fit through.

Clean out and pack away your clutter

Clothing, bedding or any linen items can attract rodents who use them to keep warm. Using plastic bin containers can also provide an effective solution to keep your gear safe.

If your garage or shed is already infested

Repellents and traps are a great way to keep pests away and remove from the environment those that do make it inside. If you take this precaution make sure that it is safe for you and your family.

It’s important that these are not the only steps you take to rid yourself of these vermin, as this may repel a few, but it will not keep them away forever.

At Cleverseal we provide door seals and solutions in order to keep moisture out and reduce airflow by up to 96%, maintaining a seal that can help keep out unwanted guests.

Check out the links below for seals to secure the top, sides and bottom of your residential garage, commercial shed or industrial door.

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We really can help you with problems with rodents – along with insects, dust, driving rain and winds, from entering into your garage space – don’t delay, call us today!