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February 2021 – Incy Wincy Spider

When you live in a country like ours you know that creepy crawlies come with the territory.

Our differing and sometimes extreme weather patterns often create environments that can trigger an influx of bugs, insects or spiders.

Are Spiders your worst nightmare?

When it’s hot and humid, spiders look for a milder environment to seek refuge in.

Easy access to a dark and warm garage might mean you come face to face with a hairy legged creature when you least expect it!

Stories of this went viral recently, when homeowners posted photos to social media, of infestations of hundreds of Huntsman spiders in homes after the recent heat and then high humidity we experienced.

Click here to view an news article by the ABC on Huntsman Spider Home Invasions that are driven by weather.

Insects and spiders are a vital part of our eco-system, and we wouldn’t be without them, but if you’d rather avoid having your garage and home as a cave that they would like to snuggle up in, then sealing the gaps around your garage door with a Cleverseal bristle brush sealing system will do the trick!

By fitting Cleverseal onto your door you’ll also get the added bonus of keeping out wind, rain, dust and embers from your garage.

Top and Side Seal products offered by Cleverseal.

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We are a family run business who understand the elements most Aussie homes withstand year upon year. All our products come with a 5-year warranty and have been designed by Aussies (us!) for Aussie homes.

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