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Feelin' hot! Hot! Hot!

Beat the heat in your garage this summer!

Stepping from the house into the garage in the middle of summer can feel as though you have descended into the middle of a desert, and leave you sweltering before you have even got into your car! Or chances are, the car is just as hot from being housed in a hot garage!

Installing Cleverseal will help to keep cool not only the garage, but also your home.

The benefits of the bristle brush on our aluminium carrier is that the brush will mould to the gaps on your door, creating a nice firm seal which stops that hot air coming into the garage, and also making it’s way through to your home that you are trying very hard to keep cool!

Colin from NSW told us about the benefits he’s enjoyed after installing Cleverseal products:

"After installation we were most impressed, [Cleverseal] stopped insects and dust from getting into the garage space, and the service was very friendly. Upon retiring and relocation to Ballina we contacted Cleverseal to seal out the warm air coming in around our north facing garage door, which is attached to the house, so subject to occasional warm Northerly winds. We believe that a warm garage can warm the house up, as it had adjoining walls, and this is what we didn’t want.

It's also nice on a hot day to jump in a car that has been parked in a cool garage.

We have used Cleverseal product on a previous residence which had a very difficult door that had been poorly fitted with variable gaps. The garage needed to serve a dual purpose of an occasional family room, and it was attached to the house which was next to the bush [National Park], so we wanted a good seal.

We have a solar system installed as well as some efficient insulation, and we are trying to live sustainably with low power consumption, and believe that the Cleverseal products will help us achieve this."

Posted by Colin, Ballina, NSW, Australia on 28th Mar 2017