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Garage Cooling

When the temperatures start climbing, the garage cops those extreme degrees being one of the only places in the home that is often not insulated well and air-conditioning is mostly non-existent due to cost, this is one area of your home that you want to get in and get out when the heat is unbearable.

So what happens if the car is not the only thing your garage is used for? Does this make this room virtually uninhabitable during the summer months? Winter too can be a problem as then the garage is too cold.

Finding that happy medium and getting some relief from the hot air really comes down to a few key tips on keeping your garage cool.

A fast and cost-effective first solution is to seal those gaps! Air entering your garage through gaps in the garage door can make a BIG difference with the temperatures inside, these draughts also lead into your house, putting more strain on your already burgeoning air-conditioning system, and I hear homeowners across the land all crying out “shut that door!” to keep the precious cool air in.

By fitting top and side seals and replacing the bottom rubber rail replacement, whether it be a Tilt, Roller, Sectional or even Shed or Industrial door, can reduce airflow by 96% which will go a HUGE way to sealing out those hot winds and help to keep the garage cooler.

Which means that instead of the garage being an area you run in and out of as quickly as you can during the heat of the day (don’t forget to ‘shut that door!’), you can once again use this space, to craft, play games (a blessing when the kids are home all summer school holidays!), tinker, run your business or workout in the home gym.

Insulation will help as the ceiling or door are again parts of the garage that lack this material compared to the rest of the home.

A good old fan, even just a cheapie, can help to circulate the air when you’re working in the garage. Wall mounted or floor standing, it will provide you with some instant relief. Make sure you buy one early in the summer though because as soon as those temperatures skyrocket they sell out from the major retailers fast! Keep an eye out for little curious fingers when you have one in operation too.

Keep the car out – just for a little while. We all know that pinging metal sound of a car cooling down once parked from a trip out. It can take a substantial amount of time for your car to completely cool down after a journey and if you park it immediately in the garage all that heat from those metal surfaces will permeate into your garage space creating guess what? More heat! So, if possible, keep the car outside until it has cooled down, before parking it inside and that will go a long way to keeping your garage cool on those hot days.

The winter and summer seasons always provide extra challenges when trying to maintain the optimal temperature in your home, but by following these tips you will be on your way to a much more comfortable garage environment, with less ‘shut the door’ shouts and hopefully much more time spent creating, relaxing or keeping in shape!

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