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Give your garage door a renovation facelift!

Sick of your tired looking garage door? Wanting to renovate the look of your garage without spending thousands of dollars buying a new door? 

Maybe your garage door no longer matches the colour of your home and you want to give it a facelift to make it look new again. 

Having a revamp of your garage door can be the perfect solution to instantly update the street appeal of your home. With many garage door paint options on the market, you could knock this job over in a weekend and enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come.

Like anything painting related, the prep is the longest and most integral part so check out handy tips and know how here to make sure you do the job right

To finish the job off perfectly and add to the look of your door, why not install a Cleverseal Cobra Bottom Door Seal and Cleverseal Top and Side seals, to instantly seal the gaps on your door.

Replace that tired, old, weathered and cracked seal on the bottom of your garage door with a sleek and functional seal that will keep out draughts, dust, rodents, insects, pests and snakes.

With a combination of both UV stabilised bristle brush and flexible santoprene blades in a hard-wearing aluminium carrier, Cleverseal Cobra closes the gaps on uneven floor surfaces, providing multiple solutions to keep the inside of your garage safe from the elements and pests.

Cleverseal Sectional Top and Side Seals are a perfect solution to instantly keep leaves and pests out of the garage, along with stopping rainwater entering through gaps around the garage door and will provide continued results for years to come.

Sealing the gaps between the garage door and frame is a highly effective way to help draught proof homes. It can help reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as make home a more comfortable place to live.

Quick and easy to install, Cleverseal Garage Door Sealing Systems are already successfully installed on thousands of homes and factories throughout Australia.

Find all you need to put the finishing touch on your garage door facelift renovation here

Happy Renovating!