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How Do I Stop My Garage from flooding?

So you’re driving home from hard day’s work and getting caught in the usual afternoon traffic jams. It’s been a really hot day and the weather forecast is predicting a nice cooling afternoon downpour, as if your blood pressure wasn’t high enough from the stressful day of work and the crazy traffic, now all you can think about is what direction the rain is going to be coming in from!

Every time a heavy rain storm comes up from the south, you know on this is bound to happen – your garage is going to get flooded again! It’s not that there was anything wrong with the way they built the house and put the garage door in, it’s just that when your house was built, garages were made for cars, so it didn’t matter if the occasional freak storm blasted a bit of water throughout the garage floor.

Nowadays, garages are multipurpose rooms; tool sheds, workshops, storage space even for some people who run home businesses, they can be a mini-warehouse that you ship your online orders from. Flooding garages that perform all these functions is no fun at all – and can even cause extensive and costly damage. That is not to mention the potential to generate a habitat for mold and the general humidity that can lead to thousands of dollars in damage, if things go rusty.

So here you go again – this is becoming a regular occurrence – the rain comes pouring in from the south, and even with your roller-door rubber seal, and a drainage channel across the front, the water is too strong and relentless and finds its way in. It’s gotten to the stage where you have to put everything up on bricks and on stands. You’ve destroyed mats, carpets, boxes of books, tools and bags of cement with inundation over the years and still the only answer is to hope the rain isn’t too strong this time and the flooding won’t be so bad.

Isn’t it time you came up with a permanent solution that you never had to worry about again? It’s time for a Clever Seal Door Dam.

Door Dam is a unique floor mounted threshold seal, made of hard-wearing aluminium with PVC suction cups and is a long-term solution to creeping water soaking your garage floor.

Cleverseal Door Dam Threshold Seal provides a tight, long lasting barrier to prevent water pooling inside your garage. The ground-breaking design of Cleverseal Door Dam is made of hard-wearing aluminium with the additional protection of four bottom PVC cup seals, that compress against the garage floor to provide an immediate tight seal to stop water soaking your garage floor.

Check out the specifications, and you can  DIY or get a professional installer. May this flooded garage incident be the last one you ever have to deal with.