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Keep out the pesky pests!

Keep your garage safe from pests and rodents by sealing the gaps on your garage door with Cleverseal

Got an overflow fridge or freezer in your garage?  Or is it a place to store bulk food items?

Keep your garage safe from pests and rodents by sealing the gaps on your garage door to stop any unwanted invaders entering through your garages top and sides.

With family and friends coming over this festive season, the garage space will be in high demand for all those extra food items stored, so having a fully sealed garage door will eliminate any unpleasant surprises from nuisance intruders.

Keep a close eye on shutting the fridge and freezer door as well, you don’t want your perishable items to go to waste by an unfortunate mistake. We’ve nearly all done it! Such a shame to lose a freezer full of meals or meat! Not to mention the clean up in the height of summer – ughk!

Cleverseal Garage Door Seals can reduce airflow into your garage by up to 96% when installed correctly, keeping dust and winds out, saving on your energy bill and protecting your garage from insects, rodents and snakes from entering through the gaps.

Cleverseal Top and Side weather seals comprise of hard-wearing aluminium carriers with bristle brush, which come as a complete kit for easy installation. You can find out more here:

One of our customers had the misfortune to lose a freezer full of food items recently, however was amazed and also grateful, that her Cleverseal Garage Door weather sealing system had kept flies out of the garage in the time it took to discover the mess. 

“Have this fitted, great product. We had a guest that didn’t shut our freezer door in the garage by mistake. We didn’t notice for 3 weeks, just an odd faint smell we couldn’t identify, but no flies. It seals so well! We had to dispose of a huge freezerful of prepared meals & meat. That’s one way of cleaning out the freezer, we’ve been putting that chore off for ages!

Very happy with those seals and grateful to have been able to purchase a product that works!

Every garage door should have them! “ Ruby, May 2021

We’re so sorry that Ruby lost all that food, but pleased that our product helped her, imagine dealing with a fly infestation on top of all that!

If you’ve been looking for a solution to seal the gaps in your garage door then check out the right seals for you at and keep the pesky pests out!

By sealing with a Cleverseal Garage Door Sealing System you will have a quality product you can count on for years to come.

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