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Quality you can trust

You’re researching on the web to find a product that will sort out that pesky problem for you. You want to do it yourself, but what products are available? and how do you know you’re getting what you pay for? and that you can trust you are dealing with a reputable company?

We’ve all had that feeling when buying something online. You’re handing over your hard-earned cash, but you’ve never dealt with this company before. Are they the full quid?!

When you buy Cleverseal, you are purchasing a quality product that you can rely on, and trust to do the job it says on the box.

Since 2007 our products have been sealing garage doors throughout Australia and New Zealand. Solving the problem of leaves, dust, rodents, insects, snakes, draughts, and water, entering garages.

We’re a family owned and operated business, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the right information and support needed for their individual situation.

Think all garage doors are the same? Think again! Each day we receive queries for garage door seals from customers, which require our in-depth knowledge of garage doors and a bit of thinking outside of the box to come up with a bespoke solution for their situation.

Our friendly sales team are available to help with questions you may have, and with 46+ years in the garage door industry, Bruce the Cleverseal owner & developer, is still available to answer those really curly ones! He loves a challenge!

Our garage door sealing kits come with all the required components for DIY installation of Cleverseal seals onto your door. Check out our Google reviews and happy customers:

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A sensible investment. The Cleverseal range of sealing systems is an affordable way to instantly seal out dust, debris, water, smoke, insects, birds and rodents. We offer a 5-year guarantee. Australian owned and run, we pride ourselves on our customer service and support-You can trust us to help you protect your home.

We look forward to assisting you with your garage door sealing requirements. Contact us today!

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