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Seal out spring pollen

Spring is still well and truly in the air and with it the yellow-green dust of pollen which lands on your house and garage, outside entertaining areas and of course your car.

A menace to all allergy sufferers and the outside of your car, if you don’t remove pollen quickly, it could cause damage to the paint and surface of your vehicle.

A good washing of your car, paying particular attention to those spots where the pollen has settled is the only way to get rid of it to avoid any long-term effects.

I left my car parked outside for ONE day …and came out to discover a layer of pollen AND bird poo splattered over the outside the next morning. I really didn’t feel like spending my precious weekend washing my 7-seater people mover (otherwise known as the “Mama Bus”). I could’ve just taken it through the car wash, I suppose. That would’ve been easier! But last time I did that I had an unfortunate incident with Car vs Carwash. A roller malfunction dented the whole rear panel of my vehicle, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit cautious!

So, bye-bye Saturday morning and scrub-a-dub-dub to a nice clean car.

Apart from this one time, my car is kept housed and snug in our Cleversealed garage, our door having Cleverseal Top and Side seals and a Cobra bottom rail replacement fitted, which keeps all that annoying pollen and dust and those nasty pests and rodents out! It’s bird-proof as well, which is a big bonus, especially during springtime nesting.

If your car is kept in a garage with gaps, pollen and dust can make their way through your door as part of the natural airflow. A simple, cost-effective solution to keeping your cars and garage safe from the elements is to install a Cleverseal Garage Door Sealing Solution.

Cleverseal Top and Side seals and Cobra bottom rail replacement fitted to your door will seal the gaps. Installed correctly, the seals reduce airflow into the garage by 96%, so you won’t have to spend your free time cleaning up mess from nuisance particles and pests infiltrating your garage.

Install them onto your garage and you will really Seal the Difference!

If you are suffering from pollen allergies this season have a look at the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy website for information:

To seal your door: