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Snakes and Ladders

Imagine going to open up your garage door and being confronted with a deadly snake!! This is what happened to an Adelaide resident recently when he got a terrifying surprise one Sunday morning!

The weather is hotting up, and that means snakes are coming out of winter hibernation and will be looking for food and nice cool lodgings out of the heat, and your garage will look like a very enticing possie for them to curl up and enjoy. 

Let’s make it less attractive for these slithering creatures to find comfort in your home. Install Cleverseal garage door seals onto your garage door!  

Our seals will endeavour to keep out unwanted rodents and pests, as our nylon filament bristle brush is a deterrent when these varmints try to enter in through your door. We have seals for all types of doors, including industrial doors. Available online for DIY purchase or you can contact us for information for installer details in your area – 1300 887 438

If you DO have the unfortunate experience of finding a snake in your garage, the safest approach is to leave it to the experts. Ring a professional to come and sort it out for you. 

Have some peace of mind this summer, save the Snakes & Ladders for the board game with the kids, and seal your garage door with a Cleverseal Garage Door Sealing System.  

For extra protection against bushfire embers this summer, look at our Cinderseal Flame Retardant range – this will stop both pests and dust entering your garage, but also provide a barrier against bushfire embers entering through gaps in your garage door.

Not all snakes are bad! A lot of Australian snakes are harmless and an important part of the food chain, feeding on fish, frogs and other small animals. But you don’t want them in your garage! So visit us here to view our range